Flamenco vivo

Extern arrangör: Flamenco Festival med Flamenco Vivo

Passerad föreställning

Datum: lördag 27 oktober

Tid: 19:30

Lokal: Stora salen

Flamenco Vivo is more than a show, it is a true art of living. In the foreground stands the fiery and expressive dance. The virtuoso guitar and passionate vocals merge with the stage performance, creating an impressive unit. Flamenco is an art form in constant evolution, which has its roots in Andalusia. It is admired by the audience for its deep passionate feelings, expressed through the baile (dance), toque (guitar) and cante (singing).



Simone Abrantes, dans
Cayetana de Ronda, dans
Carmen Celada, sång
Azusa Krist, viola
Georg Kempa, gitarr



2 tim 30 min (inkl. 30 minuters paus)


300 - 350 kr